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7 weather measurements in an easy to use, touchscreen package.  Take it anytime you are outdoors.

Safety is always something to be aware of and INO Technologies would like you to have a copy of our free wallet sized lightning safety card.  Just click the button below to get your copy.
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Lightning Detection in The Palm Of Your Hand

The INO Weather Pro™ gives you lighting detection up to 40 miles (64km) away and includes
all of the meteorological information you expect in an easy to use device that fits in your pocket.
With the INO Weather Pro, you can go outside and stay outside safely for longer when storms are approaching
because you’ll have important information about what the weather is doing
right where you are.
People who love weather love cool products like the INO Weather Pro. Don’t let the small size deceive you! This instrument provides real-time measurements including lightning detection, visual and auditory feedback of strike distances, atmospheric pressure, altitude, and more!


INO Technologies is a forward-thinking technology startup located in Louisville, Colorado. We are passionate about innovating ideas and translating those to inventive, feature-rich products that keep people safe in the great outdoors, save time and money, and are easy to use.

Give the INO Weather Pro™ hand-held weather instrument a try, and you’ll see why this company is experiencing rapid growth and success.

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