INO Weather Pro Handheld Weather Station With Built-In Lightning Detector

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INO Weather Pro weather station with 7 weather measurements:  lightning detection, temperature, humidity, pressure, heat index, dew point, altitude, in an easy to use, touchscreen handheld package.

Take it with you and be safe outdoors.

Safety is always something to be aware of and INO Technologies would like you to have a copy of our free wallet-sized lightning safety card.  Just click the button below to get your copy.

Weather data wherever you are, whenever you need it.

INO Weather Pro weather station flatirons storm
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Lightning Detection In The Palm Of Your Hand

About INO Technologies

INO Technologies is a forward-thinking technology startup located in Louisville, Colorado.  We are passionate about innovating ideas and translating those to inventive, feature-rich products that keep people safe in the great outdoors, save time and money, and are easy to use.  Give the INO Weather Pro handheld weather instrument a try and you’ll see why this company is experiencing rapid growth and success.  Want to keep up with all that is happening at INO Technologies, sign up for our emails.

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