INO Weather Pro Handheld Weather Station With Built-In Lightning Detector



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INO® Weather Pro weather station with 7 weather measurements: lightning detection, temperature, humidity, pressure, heat index, dew point, altitude, in an easy to use, touchscreen package.


Take it with you and be safe outdoors.

Safety is always something to be aware of and INO Technologies would like you to have a copy of our free wallet-sized lightning safety card.  Just click the button below to get your copy.


What People Are Saying About the Weather Pro
Amazon 5 star

Brian L.

 This is the best lightning detector I have ever used. The radius, accuracy and reliability are better than any other product I have tried in the past. I love having a reliable sense of security when I’m out in the elements.
Amazon 5 star


This device is a “must have” whether you’re hiking, boating, biking, hunting, or camping. You don’t want a severe lightning storm to catch you by surprise. With it’s real-time, 40 mile lightning detection radius (among other great features), there will be plenty of time to find shelter. This is an excellent device and I highly recommend it.
Amazon 5 star

Amazon Customer

This Devise Rocks! Living in an area where storms are known to come out of nowhere while hiking, boating, or fishing, it is great to have this device on hand to determine danger level of the approaching weather. I recently used this while out in the elements, watched a storm come in, the strike count was amazingly accurate as we watched the lighting hit and the counter go up every time. We were even able to see the progress of the thunderstorm as it closed in on us, capturing each strike and logging it. This device is a must have for anyone working or having fun outdoors.

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Lightning Detection In The Palm Of Your Hand


INO Technologies is a forward-thinking technology startup located in Louisville, Colorado. We are passionate about innovating ideas and translating those to inventive, feature-rich products that keep people safe in the great outdoors, save time and money, and are easy to use. Give the INO Weather Pro hand-held weather instrument a try, and you’ll see why this company is experiencing rapid growth and success. Want to keep up will all that is happening at INO Technologies, sign up for our newsletter.

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