lightning survey results 2017

2017 Lightning Strike Results Are In

Which state had the most lightning strikes in 2017?

The answer might surprise you.
Most people think of the southeastern states like Florida or Alabama. Many people think of the states that have a lot of tornados like Kansas or Oklahoma.
But in 2017 Texas is on top of the list according to Vaisala. Vaisala is a company that helps meteorologists measure weather and develop more accurate forecasts. Each year they publish a report and this year’s top ten states for lightning strikes are:
1. Texas
2. Oklahoma
3. Louisiana
4. Florida
5. Kansas
6. Missouri
7. Arkansas
8. Nebraska
9. New Mexico
10. Mississippi
According to the annual report, Texas led the nation with 3.30 million cloud-to-ground lightning flashes in 2017. Oklahoma came in second with 1.41 million lightning flashes.
The Gulf states did have some of the highest lightning density as did eastern Oklahoma.
If you want to see the full report click HERE.