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January 2017

Interesting Facts About Lightning

The majority of lightning strike victims are male. Experts attribute this to the large number of male golfers, football and soccer players, fishermen, roofers, and tall-building construction workers.

The most deaths from lightning occur on Sundays (the most popular day to be out partaking in sporting activities).

Most of us think Oklahoma or Texas is the ‘deadliest’ when it comes to lightning casualties, but in fact it is Florida. Twice as many lightning strikes occur in the Sunshine State than any other state.  The other states in the top 5 are Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas based on the number of strikes per square mile according to this Weather Channel article.

More people are killed every year in the United States by lightning than by tornadoes or hurricanes.

INO Technologies reminds you to always play it safe when it comes to storms.  If your local weather meteorologist predicts thunderstorms or severe weather, plan accordingly, and bring your portable INO Weather ProÔ weather monitor with lightning detection with you so you can detect how far away the lightning is.

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Handheld Weather Monitor With Lightning Detection for the Outdoorsy Type


Weather monitors have been around for years, but handheld personal weather monitors with lightning detectors are a newer innovation, and proving to be immensely popular with golfers, campers, sports officials, boaters, hunters, hikers, and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts.

INO Technologies is bringing a lightweight, handheld weather monitor with lightning detection device to the masses with the introduction of their INO Weather Pro™.

Through the marriage of electronics and powerful software, the INO Weather Pro detects and identifies storm activity within 40 miles of your location, giving you important intel on how close lightning really is and working to inform you about lightning in your immediate environment.

The INO Weather Pro works by processing and analyzing distinct waveforms unique to lightning strikes using a patent-pending algorithm. Electromagnetic field emissions from lightning activity within storm cells becomes data that is converted into digital signals that the device’s microprocessor quickly analyzes so it can feed you in-the-moment information on the storm and lightning activity.

The INO Weather Pro’s graphical touch screen display provides visual and auditory feedback of lightning strikes and their distance from the user, temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, dew point, and heat index. It also shows you altitude, which is especially useful for those whose activities take them high up into (and on top of) exposed high elevation mountains and hills.

The INO Weather Pro will be available for purchase now. Click on the links below to purchase or sign up for the INO Technologies newsletter.

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INO Weather Pro™ Now Available to Order!!!

Your INO Weather Pro is ready to order


Order your’s today.  The Weather Pro is the only weather monitor on the market today that combines lightning detection with traditional weather measurements.  This handheld, battery powered device can detect lightning strikes up to 40 miles and also gives you temperature, humidity, pressure, heat index, dew point, and altitude.  All this in an easy to use color touchscreen display.

Whether you work or play outdoors, the weather conditions affect all of us.  Know what is happening right where you are.  The INO Weather Pro has all its sensors in the device, so there are no connections to the internet or cellular networks needed to get critical information at your location.  Going hiking in the backcountry, no problem, the Weather Pro can go with you.  Working on a construction site, the Weather Pro will be there all day watching for weather changes.  The internal battery lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge so the Weather Pro will last as long as you do.  Small and lightweight at just 6.6 oz (187 g), the INO Weather Pro is easy to carry.

The first units are rolling off the production line and we will be shipping in the next 4-6 weeks.  Place your order today and we will not charge your credit card or PayPal until we ship it to you.

And don’t forget – we offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a two year warranty.  So you can buy with confidence.


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