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February 2017

INO Weather Pro™ Demonstration Video

We put together a demonstration video of the Weather Pro to show how easy it is to use and demonstrate all the features.



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A Little History About Lichtenberg Figures


In 1777, German physicist Georg Lichtenberg made a curious discovery: when dust in the air settled on electrically charged plates, beautiful tree-like figures formed. The so-called Lichtenberg ‘dust figures’ are branching patterns that are created when high voltage discharge passes either along a surface or through insulating materials.

Interestingly, these branching patterns are also seen on the skin of people who have been struck by lightning.  The awesome video above shows what the branching pattern looks like when scientists trap lightning in a box, where you can see the fractal pattern that lightning makes.

Wikipedia has extensive information on the history and science of these fascinating fractal figures here.


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Measuring the Affects of Weather on Your Business

We analyze many different statistics to help us run our businesses more efficiently and effectively. But how often do we measure the weather and determine its impact on our businesses? For those whose primary business is outdoors, using an effective weather monitor can save a lot of money. Knowing whether the temperature is in the optimal range to pour concrete, or cure an adhesive can mean the difference between a job done right and on time or not. Knowing the heat index can help keep your crew safe in the summer. And lightning is often a difficult condition to monitor but is very important for worker safety and protecting equipment from damage. These factors and more will impact the productivity of your crew and can have both schedule and financial implications.  See what the INO Weather Pro™ can do for your business.


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