Storm with Electricity Towers

7 Disasters Caused by Lightning

Your kids might think that even a short lightning delay of their soccer game is a TOTAL disaster, but you know a little time is well worth their safety. Next time they complain about a little lightning, you can have a few stories in hand to explain why weather is worth taking seriously!

These fascinating and detailed accounts of devastating lightning strikes is worth a quick read. Full article here.

1.      Church of the Nazaire in Brescia, Italy, 1769.  “Lightning and gunpowder don’t mix.”

2.     Pan American Flight 214, December 8, 1963.  Lightning strikes Boeing 707.

3.     New York City Blackout, Summer 1977.  What happens when “massive lightning bolts” strike a major electrical transmission line over and over.

4.     Lightning in Space (sort of), 1969. Apollo 12 was struck thirty seconds into liftoff.

5.     The Yellowstone Fires, Summer 1988.  Lightning strikes, drought, and high winds combined wreak havoc.

6.     Lightning vs. The Force, 2005.  Star Wars “priceless and irreplaceable” toys and memorabilia were stored in a loft, close to where lightning hit the roof…

7.     Lightning: Cure or Cause?  A surgeon becomes obsessed with classical piano after being struck by lightning; claims of returned eyesight; a man doesn’t feel cold, and more.

Credit Sara Newton, Mental_Floss

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