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Weather Fact vs. Fiction

It never ceases to amaze us some of the weather myths that just won’t go away. We’re talking the lightning can’t strike the same place twice and hiding under an underpass during a tornado types of myths. They aren’t things to take lightly, and not knowing the difference between fact and fiction could be the …

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Lightning Can Strike Twice

Contrary to popular belief, Colorado lightning can strike twice. After all, there is no way to completely evade lightning–it is a natural phenomenon. The Denver area recently experienced two separate lightning-related accidents that transpired in early May 2017. In the first situation, a woman was watching a Little League baseball game in Highlands Ranch. According …

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INO Weather Pro in hand 2

INO Weather Pro™ Now Available to Order!!!

Your INO Weather Pro is ready to order   Order your’s today.  The Weather Pro is the only weather monitor on the market today that combines lightning detection with traditional weather measurements.  This handheld, battery powered device can detect lightning strikes up to 40 miles and also gives you temperature, humidity, pressure, heat index, dew point, …

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Prairie lightning

Lightning: Meaning, Origin, and Definition

  The word lightning originates from the Middle English word lightenen (make bright). Lightning is an adjective (as in lightning strike, lightning speed, lightning bolt). Interestingly, Merriam-Webster provides two definitions of the word, the second being “a sudden stroke of fortune” (don’t tell that to someone who’s been too close for comfort or worse, struck …

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Winter Ski Lift

Does Thunder in the Winter Mean Snow?

Weatherlore is an interesting, entertaining, centuries-old way to “predict” the weather, existing long before doppler radars were ever invented. Although most weatherlore is either too specific or too vague to accurately predict what the atmosphere will do. (A groundhog seeing its shadow will tell us when spring arrives? Really?)  Surprisingly, though, much of it tends …

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