Weather Fact vs. Fiction

It never ceases to amaze us some of the weather myths that just won’t go away. We’re talking the lightning can’t strike the same place twice and hiding under an underpass during a tornado types of myths. They aren’t things to take lightly, and not knowing the difference between fact and fiction could be the …

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skyscraper worker

For those who work outdoors – having a good weather monitoring device is essential

Consider all the occupations where the ‘office’ is outdoors: ·      Mining ·      Landscaping ·      Roofing ·      Construction ·      Highways and road crews ·      Airport ground personnel ·      Lifeguards ·      Power utility repair ·      Heavy equipment operation ·      Farming and field labor ·      Painters ·      Forestry Lightning is an often overlooked occupational hazard, despite the many …

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Lightning Can Strike Twice

Contrary to popular belief, Colorado lightning can strike twice. After all, there is no way to completely evade lightning–it is a natural phenomenon. The Denver area recently experienced two separate lightning-related accidents that transpired in early May 2017. In the first situation, a woman was watching a Little League baseball game in Highlands Ranch. According …

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Bizarre Lightning Phenomena

An interesting article from ListVerse lists 10 ‘bizarre’ lightning phenomena as impressive as the lightning itself. To read the full list, click here. ·       Restoring sight to the blind – a truck driver was blinded in a traffic accident. Nine years later his sight was miraculously restored when he was struck by lightning after taking …

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